New stuff soon to come!

Wanted to reach out and let the world know I haven’t let this project (toyercise) go. This wasn’t some crazy idea gone viral, but for the effort invested, there’s definitely interest. For that, I’m dedicated to deliver some fresh stuff in the coming weeks/months. 

We’ll be busy around our house with an upcoming doctors visit a few states away, and I may share some of that experience on the other blog. Trying to keep this one more focused. In there meantime, here’s some goals for new content: 

  • New exercises 
  • Short, HIIT style routines 
  • (Maybe) longer exercises 
  • A live event via YouTube
  • More blog content 

Have any suggestions? Would love to hear it, just drop a comment!

PS: ten points for whomever can name what’s in the featured picture of this article.