Quite the hiatus… #Rockwall project

So it’s been quite the lull here, my apologies. After a household of sickness flew through, I took an unexpected break from this project. Partly due to boredom, which I think stemmed from lack of direction, and also due to a new project… Let me introduce our living room rock wall. Yep, you read that right. I’m current in the middle of building from scratch an 8 foot tall climbing/bouldering wall in the corner of my living room for my kids (maybe a little for me too 😁). 

Here’s the constraints I was working in: 

  • Estimating: Needed to come up with a good enough design that I could then develop and reasonable estimate from 
  • Start small: This wall was going to be kept small (at least for now). We didn’t want to commit to a huge structure and find our boys play with it for five minutes and be done 
  • 💪: It needed to be strong enough to support my weight so I could benefit too 
  • $$$: The price needed to be kept low 

There was quite a bit of research online done (seems not a lot of people share the how-to this one)… So, in the next couple posts, I’ll share my story and of course some pictures and gotchas along the way.