More coming soon

A quick update to let people know I didn’t let this project fall off the wayside. The past week and a half our house has been battling sickness… Typical cold/cough but now it’s been my turn and blah! I don’t know what’s worse, being sick before or after the kids get sick. This time around I got to watch them get sick and then start feeling like dirt myself while they’ve got all the energy in the world. 

Thankfully, since we’re trying to keep our sickees in here, my mother in law made a run for some fresh fruit and veggies for us yesterday.

Well, like I said, I’ll be back soon with more videos once we get caught up around here. I’m also planning on beefing up the quality of the videos with some more production time spent on them. Until then, take a look over at a great YouTube channel I’ve been enjoying in my sick time: I like to make stuff 

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