3 Replies to “Intense bodyweight exercises… For fun”

  1. I love the creativity here! I know for a fact that I do not have the core strength to do any of those exercises, especially at the moment being pregnant. Do you think you could use a BOSU ball for the second exercise?

  2. Emily, thanks for the compliment. First, I would highly recommend against doing this while pregnant! 🙂 Second, congrats!
    As for the bosu ball, I think it would be both more and less challenging at the same time. More in the sense of introducing 360 degrees of motion, but less due to the lowered intensity. That said, I don’t have a ball to try it on unfortunately. I think it would be a blast to try because it would certainly work some different surrounding muscles, likely hitting where you’re weakest.
    Good luck with the pregnancy!

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