My Motivation

I was asked via Twitter,

“What’s your fitness motivation.”

My short answer back to them was my kids, wife and the world. Here’s the long version:

Why my kids?

Upon writing this, my boys are 2.5 and almost 6 years old. They are highly active. I’m not going to gender stereotype here and say “typical boys” because I don’t believe that shit. They’re kids. In some ways they’re typical, and in other ways they’re certainly higher energy – but they are my boys. And I want to keep up with them. I want to run, jump, play and have fun with them. I love rock climbing with my older son (his current favorite thing to do). I love throwing them in the air – and they are getting bigger and therefore I need to be stronger.

Also, this is just good modeling. I’m not going to go into the health benefits I reap from exercise. But something they don’t typically mention is this: what gift are you passing on by modeling a healthy lifestyle for your kids and their friends (i.e. the next generation)? A damn good one if you asked me. Let’s keep it realistic here though – I’m not talking about the unsustainable programs that have you committing to working out 80 hours per week. Because, come on, if you have kids (or anything that takes time and energy), who has that kind of time to dedicate to the gym? Why not model for our kids the ability to exercise in a more moderate way that flows with life (more on how to do that later)?

Why my wife?

In these past couple years my wife has been having more physical limitations straining her. To the point where lifting the boys is challenging (if not impossible), moving around some day to day stuff people take for granted leaves her sore the next day, and reaching up high can be quite challenging on her body as well. Compound this by having other pains brought on by her EDS (for example, the occasional rib slipping out of place…), and as an added bonus the number of food limitations she has due to food allergies/sensitivities, one wonders how she makes it through the day keeping up with these two! But she’s amazing and she does. And that’s not even the whole list!

All that said though, right/wrong/whatever… I strive to increase my strength and health to help compensate. Fortunately for me, I don’t have the  food limitations, and other joint/body issues. For as much as our boys have to understand that “mommy needs to rest” sometimes, I strive to be as bulletproof as possible – while at the same time not coming across as a perfectionist. That’s a topic for a whole other post 😉

Why the world?

Finally, I know this sounds cheesy, but seriously – our world is facing a time where obesity is on the rise almost everywhere. Sadly, even I sit behind this computer too much when I know I should be setting up a stand-up desk. We can’t compensate for the amount of time we sit all day by trying to squeeze in a quick 30 minute burst of exercise and thinking all’s going to be ok. We wake up and SIT in a car or bus to get to work. The majority of us then SIT for another 8-10 hours with (if wer’re lucky) a break here or there sprinkled in. Then, we get back in our mode of transportation to SIT some more, only to arrive home and say “Phew, what a rough day… I’m going to SIT my ass on the couch?!?!” See Katy for more info…


So that’s it. My boys, my wife and the world. That’s my fitness motivation. A long time ago I noticed I kept looking at my kid’s toys and thinking of different exercises that could be done with them.  The motivation for this project comes from you, the reader and hoping that I can share these ideas and give you more ideas to help you sit around less and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. It’s quite amazing how we get motivated for the people that we love… I don’t get motivated to stay fit for myself but I know that I have to be for my daughter & husband. I know I want to still be alive when my daughter gets married & raises her own family (which is many many years from now! Lol!) AND I want to grow old with hubby 😉.
    It was sooo easy for me to procrastinate & be lazy- that’s why I said my only goal is to outdo myself & my failures. I NEED to…
    Anyways, great post! I hope more people gets to read this stuff.
    P.S. I thought I was following your blog before. Or is this a new one?

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