Need something different for a change in your workout routine? Going to the gym getting boring or too expensive? That new fad workout looks a little too extreme?

Use those toys!

Our kids need toys. We need to exercise. Let’s get more use out of those toys, I’ll show you how.

About Nate

My name is Nate. I’m a father of 2 young boys and an ex-gymnast (competed and coached for about 20 years). I’m passionate about helping others find ways to stay active, utilizing the resources around them.


New stuff soon to come!

Wanted to reach out and let the world know I haven’t let this project (toyercise) go. This wasn’t some crazy idea gone viral, but for the effort invested, there’s definitely interest. For that, I’m dedicated to deliver some fresh stuff in the coming weeks/months.  We’ll be busy around our house with an upcoming doctors visit …


toyercise@gmail.com – More coming soon.